A Strategy for Ranking Well in Google - With Diagrams

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    Hey everyone, please let me know what you think about this concept for getting new sites past google's sandbox and avoiding spam penalties so they can rank high quickly.

    A website can be considered sandboxed when it commands a high rank in Yahoo and MSN, but is nowhere to be found in Google's SERPs.

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    This seems to be a common result of building spam links directly to a money site. To avoid the sandbox effect, a more natural link profile should be pursued. One way of doing this is building spam links to web 2.0 properties, then linking the web 2.0 properties to the main site. This way, the backlink profile of the main site will show human-looking in-content links rather than unrelated sites populated with spam. As the web 2.0 sites are on a trusted domain, they are less likely to be penalised by Google. See below:

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    Page rank is subject to a damping factor of 0.85 when passed from one site to another. Further to this, page rank going out of a site is equally distributed between all outgoing links.

    Therefore, 100 points of link juice going into a web 2.0 page with 3 outbound links, one of which is your money site link, will send out 28 points of link juice to your main site. This is illustrated below with the Weebly web 2.0 platform:

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    All web 2.0 platforms have links on their user pages which cannot be removed. Here is how some of them measure up:

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    Sorry about the small images :) squint.

    Hope this was useful to newer members.

    I would very much appreciate feedback from experienced members.

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    You took some bit of time ehh
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    i dont know if i agree with sending links from bm sites straight to my money site, unless i am just running 1 money site..

    i guess it depends on if you are trying to automate or just working on a few sites.

    what do you think?