A special merry xmas to the shit list mods (Especially BigBuddy)

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    I would just like to extend an extra merry xmas to the mods who run this shit list section.

    I can see Pofecker and BigBuddy seem to run this area (apologies if other mods do too... I'm just saying the guys I see most).

    Over the past few months I've especially noticed BigBuddy solve many cases in here for guys who've been screwed by scammers.

    Why has BigBuddy impressed me so much?

    Well he get's no pay out of this section.

    He's working in here for free, dealing with the scum of the internet. It's of no benefit to him.

    He doesn't take sides with anyone, if you just think about this for one minute... how many established members of BHW have screwed guys? We're seeing more and more well established member screwing guys, and at some point BigBuddy is bound to of done some business with them, yet he never takes anyones side... he's extremely neutral and fair!

    If you read through some of the threads in here, you'll see he drags contacts from the outside world in to help, in the last case involving bezo he's arranged to go meet him in person and sort things out.. This is all time and effort for him which takes away form his own day to day work.

    Without dragging this post on, I'd just like to say that the few guys like BigBuddy are the backbone of this forum. And really if those few guys we're to take off in the morning, I'd be gone too. I really do appreciate the effort they put in here.

    Merry Xmas To The Shitlist Mods,
    And thanks for keeping this the best black hat forum around!
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