A Sophomore's Journey to $50/day with Amazon Adsense

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    I'm a BBA sophomore at a well-known business school in Canada. Just completed my first internship this summer and I realized one thing -- I want to be my own boss. I'm not saying that the internship was terrible (it wasn't -- I learned a lot), it was the hours of (unpaid) work that made me realize the 9-5 rat race isn't for me. Not exactly looking towards a lifetime of networking (sucking up) and office jobs, I am going to try out internet marketing as a stable source of income.

    I set the goal to $50/day. I know this isn't enough to sustain myself, it is merely a short term goal I hope to achieve by the end of this school year (April 2013). I will be creating authority style Amazon affiliate review sites to start off my IM career. I chose to create authority style sites because I believe these will stand the test of time against future Google updates, as content is king.

    I have already created one Amazon authority review site which I plan to update daily with 2 articles. When (read: if) this monetizes, I will create a few more sites to establish a steady income stream from Amazon.
    In the near future (maybe 2 months in) I will be looking to diversify my income streams with CPA affiliate marketing. After that, we'll see where IM takes me :)

    I will be updating minor details through posts and tracking major milestones here.

    August 26 - Niche selected, website created, 2 articles written. Sitemaps created.
    August 27 - Main web page is indexed by Google. No articles indexed yet.
    August 28 - Created many backlinks to my articles by submitting them to social media websites.
    August 30 - Articles finally indexed by Google. 42 visits. 30 unique visitors. All articles are first page for the search "productname review". 7 Clicks 0 Conversions.

    Going to get back to writing. Hoping for my first sale before the week ends :)

    EDIT: Just realized I wrote Amazon Adsense. Oops.
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