A Social Multi Media Entertainment Website?

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    Nov 14, 2007
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    As some of the members of BHW know that i'm involved with the music business I have learned alot over the past years within the music business. Money of course is still tight "Real Tight" but thanks to the inspiration i have received from the great members of bhw I will stay at it.

    I am trying to come up with an idea to create a online social multi media entertainment website I see that many artist are using Ning.com for Example Thisis50.com, ThizisGame.com Well I want to basically the same thing but offer way more.

    The main reason why i'd like to get this going is to bring back entertainment the industry is so currupted by Bullshit I remember when MTV was all about music 24/7 now it's just reality TV. I despise television for what its become.

    with my site there will be tv,radio,and a online magazine,digital distribution kinda like (Snocap,itunes,ect...) I will try to get the record labels attention to contribute music videos, and with the tv i'd like to do something like Jay Leno. but this will be to help proficient talent expose themselves.

    the magazine will be a monthly article on various subjects such as hiphop artist,djs,producers,models,cars,urban fashion and more.

    the website will be a urban community.

    Do you think ning.com is a good place to do this because all this will be free and maybe in the future I can charge a monthly access Fee. any suggestions tips?

    And I will be using my name as the .Com