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    I have tons of original photos of my own, especially wildlife/nature photos and was wondering what I could do with them, so I thought what if I made a photograph blog and post these images? The question is, if i did post original images constantly reaching into the thousands would my blog get pretty good traffic just from these images? Because I really wouldn't have much writing content aside from I guess mostly title text for each blog update post. What do you guys think?
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    make sure you all alt tags to rank them on google
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    In addition to that, I would structure the filepathname structure so that you get the benefit of some text that pertains to the photos, i.e. name the folder with all the trees "trees" and maybe some subdirectories such as "evergreen", "deciduous", etc...

    But I think you are going to need some text to go along with those photos. It's not that big of a deal to put some keyword-laden introductory text to the photos. "These are some examples of flying raccoon-faced oppossums I photographed while doing my undergraduate work at the University of Bumphuck, Alabama." and "This bat-tail ringwallower is a sub-species of the genus tootius fructopius."

    One idea is to run text searches under Google "Images" and see what words are most commonly used to find photos like yours, and also try to emulate those sites that rank well. I frequently use Google Images to look for images (for example "hot chick" or "douchebag") and there are a surprisingly high number of 1st page results that have a thumbnail indexed but the photo itself (and sometimes the entire page) is no longer available. Which indicates to me that the competition for ranking images is not all that competitive.

    It seems to me that ranking images is a completely different "niche" in SEO, and mastering the ability to do this might result in some significant money. I bet there are a lot of people that go shopping online for a "red cocktail dress", so if you have the ability to make your client's products rank on page #1, there could be a lot of money to be made.

    Jeez. That's a really good idea. I'd better hurry up and post it before I change my mind and keep it to myself, lol....
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