A Site I found to make some money (I thought I share for the people not aware of it)

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    I don't know if people are aware of the website " studentoffortune " Google it, I cant post links because I'm new. Its a very good website to make decent money.
    I decided to share it just to do my share of sharing :)

    Here is how the website works:

    1. A student or whoever will ask a question with a asking price. In this example, he need help with a essay and he willing to pay 100$
    2. You then decide if you want to write the essay. After you write the essay, a preview of the essay will be submitted.
    What if 2 other people wrote an essay too?
    The student will then decide if he wants to 1,2 or all or just buy one of them.

    3. If the student didn't buy it? Their is a chance another student would. Also lets say the student asking price was 100$, and you did the essay and you really want it sold, you could counter offer it by selling it as low as you want or make it even higher than the asking price.

    As of 1/10/2013 2:29 their are people willing to pay for tutorials from 1$ up to 100$.

    Another good feature is that any "tutorial" created by you could be sold unlimited number of times without you doing anything.

    One pointer I would say though is to start out small so you have a good rating. Its like Ebay with a power seller vs a non power seller.
    Rating are done by letters grades A+ being the best. Having a good grade would help you increase your chance on selling your tutorials.
    Their is also referral program too but you need to manually type the person email.
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    i like this idea and can see some success with it. i remember seeing a site similar to this whereby students buy notes, essays and all that stuff from another student studying the same course. so a university student from england buys notes from a uni student in california. the cali student advertises his notes and explains he understood a specific topic or lecture then the english student decides to buy his notes for $10 just to recap or get a better understanding.

    not a bad idea.