A simple means of upping revenue for BHW?

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    Right, this is something i mean to implement on a forum i run and thought it'd perhaps prove additional or perhaps even better than your current advertsing.

    Have a section called donate, or the like, and people can open a thread, saying they'd like to buy, i don't know, some shit on amazon. BHW provides the links.

    Someone says they wanna join ppc coach, BHW provides the link. Someone says they want Speed PPC, BHW provides the link.

    Obviously, you could, in essence have a shed load of threads with links to products that are already shared, which would render it pointless, but i for one buy most of the shit i use and would have happily, in the past, passed the commissions off to BHW.

    You could even provide signups to all the major networks, although you could then end up with a bunch of useless self offer filling cunts that ruin someones rep.

    Anyway, just a bent idea...