A Serious Noob: Please Rip My Idiotic Dreams to Shreds!

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    Please Take 5 minutes to Critique This Business Model

    Hello! I am very new to this, so please excuse me if I get things glaringly wrong. I was hoping you guys could take a second to critique this model, and help me get my head around the the ?three dimensionality? of internet commerce.

    I have niche content that I?ve written. It is very simple, valuable information that will save people tremendous amounts of time, money, and energy. I was in the specific situation of the people who I see being my customers just 5 years ago, and I was very frustrated because I had trouble finding the information I needed on the web, and wished somebody would just cut to the chase already and give me some answers. My information that I wanted, and would have been happy to pay for, but had to learn through experience.

    So, I have about 5,000 words currently, in more or less publishable form, and I am intending to monetize it in the following three, interconnected ways.

    A frequently updated blog which will be funny, irreverent, and entertaining to the target customer, making them return to the site to read new posts, or stay on the site to read old posts. I will launch with a ?sexy? version of the current content I have now, releasing it over the course of several weeks. I will pull out all stops to push traffic to the blog using SEO and other techniques. I will begin to assemble a mailing list. This blog will strongly advocate the purchase of specific products which are widely available on Amazon and eBay, using affiliate links, as well as affiliate links to the best selling and most appropriate lifestyle products associated with the niche. This content will expand and grow over the first two months of the blog, become more serious and technical, and eventually coalesce into an Ebook, at around 40,000 words.

    This Ebook will be quite slick and professional, and available for instant download in all formats, using an E- Junkie cart on the blog. The content of this Ebook will expand on the content which I have already released on the blog in clever and very marketable ways, creating a product that readers of the blog will find very compelling. These purchasers will compose a second list, who will then be marketed a follow up book of exciting and hidden knowledge relating to the niche. I plan to use the ?filmed in profile? gimmick here, creating a fictional character who bends and sometimes breaks the rules to get results. His information will be so explosive that the book will be attributed to John Doe, or explained as ?a work of fiction?. The techniques are quite real, and the information is invaluable to anyone who takes the niche seriously. The second Ebook represents the hidden, secret desires of the people who would read the blog, and will be available for purchase on the blog. This type of offering will also allow me to try gaining free advertising by exploiting or creating controversy.

    What I really, really, really want to do though, is as little as possible. I do not relish the idea of constantly creating content. The information in the two Ebooks is valuable enough that I would really like to just simply sell them, and not have to run a blog. I feel as if I will be skipping a step by not running the blog and learning about testing and driving traffic, and those sorts of things. I also will probably gain insight and inspiration as I write the blog, for the content I?m still producing at around 1500 words per day.

    So, eventually I?ll want to either lose the blog or hire someone else to write it. Do people do that? I?m trying to fixate on a goal say, 6 months out, and I keep losing the thread. Do I eventually switch to a landing page and drive traffic to that? I was also considering a 3500 word static content site that could generate sales. Is the solution a combination of the two, drive people to a hook page that get tons of search or affiliate traffic, and then direct them to a static content page and get the sale after they learn more? Or, hire bloggers to create content and continue with the blog as the central hub, and tweak the affiliate sales of the Ebooks to total efficiency?


    Tl;dr version

    So a blog grabs traffic, and links to profitable affiliate products. I create content and tweak the site leading to an Ebook launch. The Ebook goes for sale on the blog, and is marketed to site visitors. A follow up Ebook is aggressively promoted as ?secret? or even ?extra-legal? techniques couched in a ?fictionalized account? for ?legal protection?. I eventually somehow eliminate my need for direct involvement, and move on to my next project.

    Is this a sound strategy? I feel the information is very marketable, and I have not seen a product like the one I am creating. I personally would have bought this product, and would not have needed much convincing.

    Please offer as much or as little criticism as you would like, I welcome all suggestions. I would most like feedback on whether or not I?ve got a proper handle on where the money will be coming from, ie, that affiliates and SEO will drive the correct prospective customers to sites owned by me, and those customers will pay their money and have the product transmitted to them digitally.

    Thank you so much!

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    It's great but , some modification could be apply BUT you'll see it in running your model.

    Looking good. Suggesting you to have good friend who can help you to put this in work.

    Give us update ;)
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    You are not going to make a lot of money with just one or two products on the internet. Very few exceptions apply.... so you need to move beyond the idea of 2 e-books.

    Just get it done and get whatever you are done online. Tweak it later and keep tweaking until you maximize conversions and then move on.

    If you have a serious product, SEO may take a while, so buy traffic with Google Adwords or elsewhere to test your conversions.

    Hope this helps some.