A selection of Micro Niche Site questions which could help others here.

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    I'm just dipping my toe into the Micro Niche Site business and I have a few questions which in the long run could save me a fair bit of time and money. I am outsourcing some of the work as I am currently working myself at the moment, but I do hope this will one day take over from my current job. I have worked on authority sites in the past with pretty good success but these Micro Niches are a relatively new thing to me.

    1. How many articles do you usually have on the site, and do you ever add new content?
    2. How much SEO work do you do to them if any, do you outsource it, any cheap recommendations?
    3. How much money do you usually invest in each site?
    4. How much could you expect to earn via each site?
    5. Do you use more Amazon referrals, adsense, or a combination of both?
    6. Can you make a living out of this, and if so how many sites would you need?
    7. How long before you start to see a site generating money?
    8. Have you run into any problems in the past and if so what kind?
    9. Any niches worth staying away from?
    10. Are your articles more like product reviews, or on a more personal level.
    11. Do you market them in anyway, social media, ads, etc?
    12. Do you link out to anywhere, say an Authority site you are running?
    13. Do you hide the meta data such as the date of posting etc?
    14. And finally the important one: Will I ever own a Bentley or barely scratch a living together?

    I'm sure a few more questions will pop up, and do feel free to add you own if you want to get involved. Also feel free to add any other information that you may think is useful as well, as it may help me or others on BHW.
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