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A Quick Way To Rake In Sales From Free YouTube Traffic

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by abdellahi66, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. abdellahi66

    abdellahi66 Newbie

    Sep 2, 2015
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    hi guys i've been in this forum since 2015 and it realy helped me so i give back.
    i'll show some easy tips to use to rank in sales from Youtube in any niche (sorry for my EN)

    first of all why youtube ??

    well study show that a videos is 50 times more likely to show on the first page of google , so why would you lose time ,money and effor to rank a website full of article while you can post one simple video .(i'm not talking about adsense)

    STEP 1
    fist of all seach for a product or affiliate program like shopify,fiverr or product on clickbank ,jvzoo or even CPA offer , after that search for keyword using google KW planner try to target specific KW like shopify review and don't chose a niche with a search volume lower than 500K per month .
    after that choose only 3 to 4 KW ,we want only targeted audience

    STEP 2

    well you have different option either you do sreen record from you PC you can use PowerPoint .
    you can also use a camera and record your self , you can also use some software like 'easy sktch pro' or ' video maker fx'

    the most impotent part is to grab the user attention ,tell story about your experience like ' i was just like you untill i was....' and then invite them like ' if you want to check it out you can find a link below this video ' don't say things like 'click the link below ' or 'click now ' ...

    STEP 3
    uploading video
    try to make your video file name look like : K-W-1_K-W-2_K-W-3..
    tilte : put your main keyword on the title plus something intresting that grab the user attention.
    Desciption: put your link (product ) and than just transcribe the video (u can use fiverr),at the bottom put 2 or 3 link to some famous video in your niche that help google to know your video better,and put you video link , you can also add your FB fan page ,twitter, YT channel link.
    tags: just put your KW max 4 (we want only targeted audience)

    STEP 4
    the best way to do this is fiveer you can find a lot of people offering the gig for 5$ you can have 500 backlinks + social sharing gig and also backlinks blast

    SO sorry again for my EN this is how i do to get free traffic and grea comission
    if you'r video is in a hot niche try to send some backilinks every week
    i'm here for every question
  2. GrowHack

    GrowHack Junior Member

    Sep 19, 2016
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    Portland Oregon
    This post is like going out to trick or treat and instead of getting candy you get a tooth brush.... Im sorry man but everyone already knows this. You need to let people know what software you are using to find your keywords and any other examples that will help. This type of information can be found within 10 mins of searching on BHW just sayinngggg