A Quick Redirect Question


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Jul 1, 2008

Let's say I have a blog xxx.blogspot.com.

When a user opens xxx.blogspot.com he is automatically being redirected to my affiliate's sales page via META REFRESH.

I want to know that will my affiliate company know that from where the traffic is coming from or will they see xxx.blogspot.com as the referral URL?

I should have added this...

They can infer where your traffic comes from by analyzing the backlinks to your blogspot blog. So let's say that you put up some You*tube videos and put a link to your blogspot in the description. If the affiliate company were to analyze the backlinks to your blogspot blog, they will likely see that you have several links from You*tube.
Thanks for reply everyone.
Right now I am just using META REFRESH.

Is that okay?
I usually test my forwards by first pointing them to one of my own websites.

Then I can see for myself in my logs, what the Aff network would see as the refer
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