A question for SEO's who strictly do work for clients and have none of their own sites...

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by deviatus, Mar 25, 2013.

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    Why? Do you consider yourself less of the creative type and more of a worker or business man? Do you just not have the funds to create your own sites, or too busy working for clients?

    If you're a good SEO who has been around for a while, you've seen the revenue that you've created for your clients, many who have shitty sites you could have come up with.

    P.S. If you're an established SEO who only works with big clients, this question doesn't apply to you.
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    Yes thats true. Why work for someone when you can be your own boss.
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  3. Danny1111

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    I don't think its that simple.

    Its time spent vs return .. if clients return you more then that's the way to go.

    I actually like working on my own Sites - because the more money they make the less I have to deal with Clients or worry about all the things you have to worry about in dealing with them.

    So its not A Skill thing at all - people with Families/High Business Expenses - I'm sure gravitate to locking in as many clients as possible.

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    I think it works this way:

    A guy needs to have a bottom line salary and income to enable him to run his own investments.

    Once he has his bottom line, makes the money he needs to live, most SEO's are likely going to push their own websites as a side project.

    Take me, for example:

    For the past 2 years I haven't had much extra income, and I've been slaving away for my clients sites that I can much likely do better. They spend $2k/mo for SEO and have me slaving away for them, when I know I can do the same work and make money in 2-3 months. The problem was I didn't have the ability to turn down $2k/mo in business to do it on my own because I was living off the income my clients sites brought in.

    Thank God, in the past 6 months I have reached the point where my income is strong enough that I am capable of spending some of my earnings in re-investment without worrying about paying the mortgage, student loans, etc.

    I now run 30-50 of my own websites, that I invest in every month.

    So, I agree, but I get people starting out and I know why they do what they do. It has nothing to do with their legitimacy or skill as an SEO (in most cases).
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    Mar 20, 2013
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    SEO can be a long, slow road for even a uncompetitive niche. Going up against other SEO companies would take years to establish yourself. My point being "you dont get paid for doing your own SEO".