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A question about Sub-domains and backlinking.. A bit mind boggling.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by rickydzine, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. rickydzine

    rickydzine Regular Member

    Jun 6, 2011
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    Okay so i've been trying to find the answer to this to further my knowledge and improve my strategy.

    The question; Do subdomains count as individual backlinks regardless of host?

    So for example, if I have bl1.wordpress.com, bl2.wordpress.com, bl3.wordpress.com, is the power diluted? Why is the power diluted if subdomains are treated as individual domains? Is this due to the lack of IP diversity?

    If the power isn't diluted, would that mean I can build 50 tumblr expired blogs and point them at a site and gain the full power? Would that also mean, I can create subdomains on my domain and rank each subdomain?

    If the power is diluted then wouldn't it be fair to say, practically all backlinking services offered across the web which offer "tier 2" properties are completely useless, because a tier 2 would never be able to pass any juice because of the very abused platforms which link to other platforms.

    From the above it would seem as if the most important thing then, more so than referring domains, would be referring IP address, so a real life example.

    If I go to the BHW Marketplace, and buy 400 PBN posts and set them as tier 2 to bl1.wordpress.com bl2.jimdo.com bl3.tumblr.com. If this very abused public blog network has linked to wordpress and jimdo and tumblr before, and multiple times, I'd essentially get very weak backlinks that wouldn't even see a minimal rise in serps, is this correct?

    If you need me to explain more or don't quite understand let me know. It's a bit hard to ask the question I'm trying to get out