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    For a beginner SEO is new and difficult. However, I have learned a bit about it and have practised a little, too. I have seen companies offering only SEO services.
    Now, as a beginner I thought first it must be an area which is very complicated. Now I am beginning to think different.

    Isn't SEO simply creating backlinks? Link building. On-Page is obvious, creating unique content with the right keywords is also obvious. The real thing is just simply building links and that's all.
    Going to other websites and putting their links, endless of links, creating many websites with backlinks. But that's pretty much it. It doesn't look difficult, just simple but time consuming.

    If it is so simple and if it can be easily automated through the masses of Black Hat tools available, why do people still look for professionals who do it for them (if we assume that they would
    have the time for doing this part, since it is automated)?

    Do you agree with that? And if not, what are the things you come up with that you think of SEO? What actions does it consist of?
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    Seo can be anything really, ANYTHING that has a positive effect on your rankings. Now obovusly you have different types Black/White GREY.

    Before we get into what types of seo work best you should know that it is as easy as content and backlinks but there is a fine line between spam and natural links.

    Factors that matter:

    1. How many links you are building
    2. Where you are building these links (.gov, .edu, High Pr .coms, Niche related)
    3. What kind of links are they? (Profiles, Embedded in articles, Comments.. Etc)
    4. The quality of the back link and whether or not your using anchor text.
    5. The best ratio of anchor text diversity
    6. How are you protecting your links?
    7. Knowing your competition ( Their rank, links, and content are just as important)
    8. The tools/services you are using (Senuke, xrumer, scrapebock, demon, seomax, etc..) are they making your links properly or do you have your own software setup properly and are you using them 100% on automate or are using them as tools to create high impact links?
    9. Social Signs are important to seo but not so much to direct rankings immediately. ( Facebook likes, Google + and Twitter followers) These are importnat only to visual users and build trust. Trust = $$$
    10. Are you providing value to yourself and others. You need to do proper keyword research to know what kind of income you can expect from your seo operations. It is also good to know if your selling seo services so you know how much they wil be making and can take a valid %. Keyword research is by far one of the most important aspects of seo.

    I hope I answered a few questions for you and you can get out there and hit the SEO streets hard. GL KALIV
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    The simple answer is because it can't be automated through the blackhat tools available.

    The longer answer is certain sites can have certain parts automated. Nothing is 100% fully automated. You couldn't sit and watch tv for the next year while programs made you money. :)

    And SEO isn't creating endless links anymore anyway. Each project is different. Some people create quick fast burn sites and do hardcore blackhat seo so they rank for a couple of weeks or months at the most, profit and repeat.

    Longer term sites do it slower, more carefully and with quality links.

    People will always hire because this is business. You can't run a business if you plan on doing everything yourself. If you're doing something yourself then you're just a freelancer or have a lifestyle business. The notion that companies would do SEO themselves is silly. Why doesn't the CEO write the articles, do the accounts, do the SEO, manage the tech, write the software, clean the toilets, do security on the front door, write the contracts and so on.

    It always amuses me when someone who wants to run a business doing X will have doubts because if they think "If I can do X, then why doesn't the business just do X its self without me?"
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    Well people tried to do so with just blackhat tools,
    It even worked few years ago. Try it now on your sire and tell us later how it went )
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    Fxphil gave you the best and most detailed answer by far, however you're exactly right - it's just link building, in a nutshell. I remember having exactly the same realization - I thought SEO was black magic, but it turns out it's just about building (the right type of) links... :)