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    Hi guys. I thought I should share with you this site called TARINGA.

    This forum has offered me a lot of useful info and I want to give back somehow, as little as it may be, some of you will find this useful.

    Ok, there is a Disclaimer. This site is in Spanish. BUT, you could use Google to get a translated version fast and find whatever software/warez you are trying to find.

    Basically, this is one of the most popular Sites of Argentina, with over 2 Million Members, and there are usually beyond 30,000 people online, all the time. Users upload and share Softwarez and stuff on Rapidshare and other sites and share them with all the other members.
    Their incentive? A reputation system. Becoming a full Member (Don't even know what a Full Member actually gets.. but, who cares.), and above all, some type of generosity, I guess.

    Follow this scheme when you want to find something:

    Go to: www(dot)Taringa(dot)net

    On the search box (Buscador/Buscar), type in what you're looking for

    You will get a list of topics users have posted

    Simply click the most relevant to your search

    Search for the rapidshare/megaupload/download link.

    Enjoy your free download!

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