A number of bugs in xsitepro2. Anyone else?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by mikie46, Sep 9, 2008.

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    I'm using the cracked version of xsite*pro at this location, http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/member-downloads/14245-xsitepro2.html and have noticed a VERY ANNOYING bugs that keep coming up time and time again. I dont know if its because of the crack or because its just in this version but its driving me nuts.

    1) When publishing im getting the following errors.

    Import adsense account YES / NO.

    Well, i dont have any adsense account setup in ADSENSE option. If i select NO during publishing it doesnt upload my files to the server. If i say YES it includes non existent adsense code. :confused:

    I dont get it. There is nothing in the adsense box. When you fist install xsite*pro there are two default adsense records setup. Not sure why but its there. Even so, i have removed it but i still get the message. Iv even saved the site and reopened it, i still get this annoying message when publishing.

    2) Im using Speed PPC and dynamic keyword insertion. Xsite*pro does not seem to understand what .php is. If you rename your files to .php then upload them to your site it does not execute .php code correctly in a footer links.

    Iv created a number of footer links like HOME | REVIEWS | CONTANT linking to index.php, reviews.php, contact.php.

    If i create a footer link like this

    Then pass the following http://maydomain.com/index.php?seed=test&expansion=my-test&final=test-my-test everything fails.


    The moment i save this code in my index.php their editor messes up the link code and renders it unusable. Do these people understand dynamic keyword insertion? Whats up with that? Surely software like this can handle php files. It doesn't seem to know what an index.php file is. Is there nobody using xsite*pro generated code with dynamic keyword insertion on Google???

    I searched their user forum. Image, there isn't one post about .php files there which tells me these people are a bunch of noobs who only rely on an editor to do all the work in HTML format. What about php??

    3) And the most annoying bug of all is this one. Many times, when you publish a html file it only uploads half the file. :confused: The rest of the file code is missing. Whats up with this? Also, if you select a very simple theme from their availalbe themes and upload it too your site the boarders are all whacked out of shape. But when you preview it, it looks fine.

    Iv spent hours trying to work out why and what i have found is that many times i had to add an extra carriage return at the end of the html file then save it. But why? Sometimes this doesnt even seem to fix the blasted thing. From one publishing evet to another it can differ between looking all messed up to looking fine.

    Now if it looks fine when i preview it, why does it look messed up after i upload it? Same results under Firefox. I have to spend minutes trying to fix it.

    In the end, i have to load the blasted code into Dreamweaver then upload the html file. Bingo, it works and looks fine. This defeats the purpose completely. If i have to load messed up looking html code into DW and then save the upload it, whats the point of getting this software? I mean i may as well continue using DW.

    Hell, im willing to shell out $197 bucks for it if its works properly.
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    Iv had xsitepro 2 for about a week now and im getting some messed up errors all of a sudden see for your self. If anyone else has this problem how do i fix it i have sites published i need to update