A noob from nigeria saying hi to my gurus

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by theloveth, May 16, 2013.

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    Hi am a new guy from Nigeria trying to make some bucks online.I have been around for more than a week,just decided to register today i would be very glad if my wishes are made true by making me too an online guru and thereby making some few dough online.All of you are highly appreciated.I admit it has not been fun been here for the past week,most methods i have seen is either incomprehensible or so hard for me.I hope you lots put me through soon and i would be grateful.I dunno if posting of mail is allowed but my able gurus can shoot me with cheap methods and ebooks to get started using PMs.I am seeing some SEO methods for the first time such as the adsense,amazon,youtube and so on.Thanks and God bless you all as you make me a happy man.
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    Hello theloveth and welcome to Black Hat World.

    Learning internet marketing is like building a house. You need to first
    build a foundation. Take your time and learn the terminology. Use
    our search engine and Google's search engine when you see something
    you do not understand. Eventually, things will start making sense to you.

    Enjoy the journey! :)

    Cheers! - Your New Friend - "WizGizmo"
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    Nice to see a fello Nigerian Here,

    - That lot of scam have given our country a bad name, so try to keep a clean record
    - There are alot of Journey threads you can follow and make big bucks online.
    - you many not like cpa cause most of them pay with paypal so it will be hard to get your money here, and its risky having one in Nigeria
    - do not post you email for anything, or you get spammed, you better inbox it to the person.

    Adsense is a great way to start earning money thats how i started before i moved into web designing.

    Welcome to BHW mate :)

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    Wild West
    Welcome on board brother....Glad to read about a fellow nigerian here on BHW. Though i might not be one of the IM gurus down here, the truth remains that you have tougher days ahead of you in your IM journey and the secret to this tough days is to NEVER QUIT. Please also be careful of those who come as wolfs in sheep clothing, i have discovered that not all who claim to be helping you are really in to help you. Welcome Bro!!! ~harrydino~
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    The first method is all about psychology:

    - Don't call people "my able gurus", it makes you sound strange - people tend to avoid strange
    - If you're targeting English niche better exclude the word "God" from the vocabulary, its not that popular
    - Instead making it sound like we owe you, ask concrete questions

    The second method is all about competition:

    - There is no free lunch - either get ready to work hard, or dont waste your time