A New Way To Beat Google's Updates? Interesting Study on Click Throughs + Brand Searches.

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    Really odd study here..

    - One old business site was hit by update, ranked for lots of keywords #1-30 in the serps, but after they all were #492+ or just vanished entirely. This went on for a month+, and I made 0 changes, 0 link building, 0 content, etc in the mean time. A competitor of mine ranking for the same-ish keywords, went out of business a week ago. All of their traffic suddenly changed to people now searching for my business brand name. It was the only single keyword that was still ranked. My traffic was skyrocketing much higher than before, even with just that one keyword. A week later, all of my keywords return back to their spots, some even moving up spots.. Now it appears like a dance, but it's not. This website hasn't had any link building in years, and I can assume jumping from #3 to ~ nowhere, is not a dance. My guess is that Google expected my site to just lose traffic, but when they noticed a large increase in the # of searches for my site even after the update, it must have tripped something to reinstate my site. No way it was a manual review, otherwise my competitor's site would be removed since it's closed and they don't even have related content on their site anymore.

    Been awhile now and it's still doing fine..

    Hmm, your thoughts?
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    it may have pulled a trigger, people looking for your site has been proven to increase your ranking