A new way of getting screwed by Paypal

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    So I've been in IM for a few years.
    The first couple years were pretty much fighting myself to get motivated and failing repeatedly.
    Part of these failures included the normal Paypal screwing like the 21 day holds.

    I made a new business account and they held no funds.
    In November things started to pick up nicely which was great because it was at a point I had to become self-reliant completely so I needed the money to pay the bills.

    Come December I'm thinking basically "Great! I'm surviving, paying my own bills only from working online and about to be able to pay off my debts".
    Come January, sales crashed. I attribute this to Christmas and similar holidays and figured things would hopefully pick back up come next month.

    Nearing the end of the month things started to pick up again and I was happy as hell.

    Then I get this email this morning ...

    SUBJECT: Important information about your funds availability

    Hello XXXXXXX,

    We're sending this email to let you know that we're changing the way your payments are released. As of January 24, 2016, you will have an immediate access to the first $1,000 USD you make per month as soon as the transactions are processed. Payments above $1,000 USD become available 21 days after you receive the payment.

    Why are we doing this?

    By delaying the availability of the money we can reduce the number of potentially negative buyer experiences and increase their confidence to shop with you. The $1,000 USD available to you is determined based on your business details we have on file and your account standing with us. If you have signed up for PayPal Here for accepting in-person payments, any card-swiped, Chip & Pin, Chip & Signature and Contactless transactions will be available immediately regardless of the release amount.

    Like, wtf Paypal?
    The best part is - "By delaying the availability of the money we can reduce the number of potentially negative buyer experiences and increase their confidence to shop with you." ...
    So by taking my money somehow people are going to be less negative and somehow have more confidence in me? OKAY!

    There's no way I can live 21 days with 1k.

    Maybe my Google-fu is fail today but all I can find is either having all funds held, all funds froze or all funds available.. Not this in between stuff.

    This is crushing me. Honestly I just want to go grab a 30 pack and crawl in a hole.
    I'm not giving up though ... I'm just going to switch to direct debit/credit only again.
    I'll lose a percentage of sales - which I've proven to myself in my own testing ... people just love Paypal I guess - but at least I'll have access to my damn money.
    This is a half-rant really to help release some frustration but there's also a second reason for this post.
    Has anyone else faced this seemingly new problem?

    I had to remove pretty much any informative parts of this post due to the "moderation system" so if anything seems to be missing, that's why.
    All I have to say is that everything I was doing was 100% legit, Paypal approved (via phone monkeys) and now they won't give me anything but this generic answer ..
    I've never had even a single dispute on this account and it's always been in the positive.
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    That sucks man as a dropshipper its frightening how easy PayPay can find new ways of screwing up our hard work.
    Battle them on the phone and explain you are being forced to use another merchant because the limit they have set you would shut your business down.
    Theres a small chance they will lift it, worth a go.
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    Have you tried actually calling them? It is possible, they may need more verification information from you or something, and once done, they may alter that.

    Though the closest I've heard about this, is accounts that aren't fully verified, having a monthly withdraw limit.
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    Hang in there man... Just like the previous poster suggested... Give paypal a call!
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    Chill, keep calling em.
    Slowly talk, explain to them. My account got limited last week. Now back to normal.

    For those that keep sending me money from stealing CC till today I hope you read this. I wanna say, i'm still kicking yo.

    Paypal aware about this issue and they will block your payment, or refund while un-cut my refund fees. So your $3000-$5000 perday that u're sending to my account it's pointless.

    I know you read this. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    p/s sorry of topic.