A new twist to an old method for CPA Ringtones!

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    Ive been lurking on this board for awhile but I want to share an idea with the community:

    It is rather unfortunate, but i am a big fan of the tv show called Glee. You can do the research on this show if you do not know about this phenomenon.

    Anyways, this show features alot of songs that are quite popular. I have been keeping track of youtube traffic and can tell you that once the episode airs on fox, the search queries on youtube for the title of these songs jump 10-100 fold.

    Here is the method:

    Every tuesday morning, itunes reveal the songs that will be aired on the episode that will be released. You now have a list of songs that will get big searches on tuesday night and for the following days.

    Get these songs and make a video of it. Use some glee wallpaper/graphics so that it is stationary throughout the song. You do not need to make a video of this. Just a stationary picture would do.

    Make sure you get the keywords rights. I suggest naming of the song "Glee - dont stop believin" or what not... maybe even add in which episode they come from.

    Then add your cpa link to a ringtone (obviously not a direct link) on to your video and watch the traffic explode come tuesday. ( i suggest not watermarking but maybe a link overlay of the video)

    You might even get some subscribers to your channel if anything.. hats off to you if you do so.

    The beauty of this method is that you are ahead of the curve to a popular youtube search and you can position yourself to push whatever CPA you feel will convert well.

    Hope this helps someone and i hope this doesnt get sold on those WSO forums.

    as an added benefit, here is my favorite song
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    which wp theme do you normally use for this?