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    ShortTask is a newly launched website where online work providers can find a workforce of millions of people to get work done at affordable budgets. Meanwhile, the workers get paid in dollars and have the flexibility to work at their own convenience.

    ShortTask is based on the idea that there are still many online jobs that cannot be fully replaced by technology and require human input. The website has subdivided its working into two categories -- solvers and seekers.

    Benefits for Seekers (individuals and businesses):

    ? Get a skilled workforce to work for you.
    ? Assign rewards that meet your budget.
    ? Pay only once you are satisfied with the work.
    ? No hassle of hiring in-house staff.
    ? No worries over payroll taxes, office expenses, health insurance.

    Benefits for Solvers (online workers):

    ? Work on a variety of tasks.
    ? Earn reward in dollars.
    ? Work from anywhere -- regardless of where you live.
    ? Work at your convenience -- during the middle of the night, on the weekends, or when you are just bored.
    ? Good work can get you bonuses over and above your reward.

    At ShortTask, you can assign or work on any of the following tasks, and many more:

    ? Write product reviews.
    ? Write SEO-friendly articles.
    ? Proofread/edit write-ups.
    ? Transcribe videos/audios.
    ? Sign up for a website and vote.
    ? Tag photographs.
    ? Give an opinion.
    ? Post or subscribe to a blog.
    ? Create a link to a site.
    ? Rewrite an article.
    ? Upload pictures related to a topic.

    ? Leave a comment on a site.
    ? Find contact information for a site.
    ? Post pictures to Flickr.
    ? Submit sites to Google.
    ? Quality test ecommerce site,
    ? Test Web development on alternate browsers.
    ? Take online surveys.
    ? Post videos to social networking sites.
    ? Share links via blog trackbacks.
    ? Flag craigslist post.

    ShortTask.com, visit the site. I guarantee it?s going to be a lot of fun!
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    Hey nice site :)
    Looks interesting im going to sign up rite now. I have a couple questions about this though can you do more than 1 task more than once or that its it after you complete it ? Thanks for the site hope to make money with it :D
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    Can you restrict the solvers by not showing the USA only adverts to them? You can get more seekers. They try to use proxy to fake USA IP. And the seekers are not happy.
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    Looks promising. I appreciate the post.