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    Hi Guys & Gals,

    I'm a long time lurker of BHW, been an affiliate for about 4 years making a decent living.

    Recently i'm thinking of building a network of sites surrounding the main industry i earn my money in, basically a link farm or blog network i guess. The reason i want a network now is that whilst i'm earning a reasonable living, hearing about some of the BHW guys lately (Payday Loans Anyone) have made me realize that my skills are going to total waste. If i wanted to get my life together and start banking hard i could, laziness has been my main killer!

    I know this is something loads of you have been doing for years so thought i might ask you lot for a few tips. Given the recent big G updates i'm thinking of a 250 ish network.

    I've created a plan which includes:

    1. Don't have more than 2 sites on a single host.
    2. Pay for private whois data
    3. Use a mix of my own new build sites and expired/bought domains/bought too.
    4. Try to mix up the CMS system used, maybe even go html/css for a handful of the smaller sites.
    5. Use WP-Robot to mix things up a little and spread content (Used sparingly though)
    6. Mix up the themes, styles, permalinks on every site.
    7. Try to mix up the link building techniques on each site.
    8. Hire article writers to do my content.
    9. My industry of relatively local so building local sites with citations on yelp, yell, thomsons and 118information (I'm based in the UK)

    Have i missed anything out? Are there any major pitfalls to watch our for?

    I'm already thinking that the financial planning, organizing new content and admin will take lots of work. Are there any programs for organizing your daily work and maintenance? I'm thinking i'm gonna have to get handy with Excel and perhaps have a dedicated PC running a calendar with funneled webmaster emails to one inbox?

    Oh and hello everyone! You might not realize it but you have inspired me quite a bit over the years!


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