A Must Watch Video: The Joy Giving

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    Hello People,

    I came across this video today and thought of sharing my personal experience regarding joy of giving.

    Everyone lives for themselves but there are few rare ones who devote their lives for helping poor and needy. I can tell you my friends, the joy of giving and helping can't match anything else. Couple of years back, I found a 6 year old kid. He was begging for food. Virtually starved and partially naked. I ignored him first day. Next day again he came front of me. He used to beg on the road through which I used to go to work. It went for more than a month. I kept ignoring him but one fine day, I saw scars of beating on his cheek and hand. I stopped and asked how did it happen. He was shy initially but when I pressed further, then broke down and said his entire story. His parents used to force him to beg and if he didn't bring money on a particular day, then they used to beat him up. I called my dad and said I am helping the kid.

    We contacted a hostel for poor kids located near my house and at the same time complained to police. His parents were initially reluctant but we convinced them that their kid would be with good people. The initial deposit we gave was around 15K ( $500 ), and then we give yearly cheque which is extremely trivial amount but let me tell you, helping the kid has been the best moment of my life till date. Helping those who can't help themselves is the best thing one can do. It's my dream to open a school and hostel for poor kids. Maybe 5-7 years from now, this will become a reality. I would seriously request you guys to try helping others and feel the eternal happiness. God Bless you all.

    Cheers :)
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