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A Look Back - I Believe I wrote this in 2009

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by BassTrackerBoats, Nov 8, 2014.

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    Things sure have changed. The principle is the same but concept has morphed a ton; this was where it started. I wrote this PDF and gave it away back before I turned the concept into a commercial venture. I copied and pasted the PDF so it may not be 100% formatted properly here as it loses something in the process but you can DL it using the link at the bottom.

    Ignore any of the affiliate links in the PDF, I would not buy those products these days and would vehemently suggest you do not either.

    Link Pushing

    A Tutorial on How To Properly Push Your Web Site To the Top of The Search Engines

    This document contains business strategies, marketing methods and other business advice that, regardless of my own results and experience, may not produce the same results (or any results) for you. I make absolutely no guarantee, expressed or implied, that by following the advice below you will make any money or improve current profits, as there are several factors and variables that come into play regarding any given business.

    Primarily, results will depend on the nature of the product or business model, the conditions of the marketplace, the experience of the individual, and situations and elements that are beyond your control.

    As with any business endeavor, you assume all risk related to investment and money based on your own discretion and at your own potential expense.

    Liability Disclaimer

    By reading this document, you assume all risks associated with using the advice given below, with a full understanding that you, solely, are responsible for anything that may occur as a result of putting this information into action in any way, and regardless of your interpretation of the advice.

    You further agree that our company cannot be held responsible in any way for the success or failure of your business as a result of the information presented below. It is your responsibility to conduct your own due diligence regarding the safe and successful operation of your business if you intend to apply any of our information in any way to your business operations. Terms of Use Share it with anyone... I don't care!

    Remember when the SEO guys were all excited about the concept of ?linkwheeling?? For those of you that do not know what that is I'll explain.

    A linkwheel is a series of Web 2.0 properties with articles written in them that have two links in each article. The one link would be to your money site and the other link would be to one of the other Web 2.0 properties in your wheel. The wheel would be closed as after you link all your properties together, you would have what appears to be a wheel with your money site as the hub of the wheel and the Web 2.0 properties as the spokes.

    Here is a diagram of what you would have after building a link wheel. Pretty simple and at one time pretty powerful.


    Truth be told, this will hurt you much more than help you when it comes to ranking in google for any keywords that you are targeting.
    Ok, so now that the linkwheel process is not effective, how can you get your site ranked high in google?

    The answer is link pushing!

    What is link pushing, you say? It's a revolutionary theory that content combined with chaos is king. A link push is so natural it looks like you had no plan and made spent no extra efforts on SEO and it looks as though many different people contributed to it in many different locations.

    The six wheel link wheel is morphed into a twenty-eight, wildly scattered powerful SEO tool that will absolutely make your site fly up the rankings and drive an astounding amount of targeted traffic, that if monetized, could very well set you on your way to a great income month in and month out.

    Here's the thing, google wants to give you credit for your work but wants you to work for the credit. They are all about seeing the best and the brightest getting the most ranking love and want to keep their search engine as pure as the driven snow which is why they give up a billion dollars in revenue every day by not having any adsense ads on their main page.

    So let's talk a little about how to link push.

    First thing you need to do is to set your money site up correctly with meta tags, proper ORIGINAL content and such. You guys that build sites know how to do this... if you do not know, search around and you'll find plenty of information on that.

    Make sure that you are targeting keyword phrases that will drive traffic to your site. You would have a real hard time targeting the keyword ?shoes? but the keyword phrase ?blue ladies shoes? would be easier and you will get a more targeted viewer also. You can find what keywords are worth going after by doing some research or do what I do which is use Micro Niche Finder. For the cost it really pays off in my opinion.

    Secondly you write two 700 word articles and get them approved by ezinearticles.com. Make the article too short and you'll not be able to have enough of your keyword phrases in there and if you write too long of an article, people will not read the whole thing and never see your resource box.

    For those of you that are not good at writing articles and do not want to spend the money to outsource, use something like Quick Article Pro. That's one of the easiest programs to use to get unique articles quickly. There are others out there but I kind of like using that one as it is pretty user friendly.

    Make sure that your resource box has the keyword phrase you are trying to get ranked pointing to two separate pages on your site. I always hit the main page and have an inner page that offers another article on the subject which is about 500 words. Keyword density of between 3 and 4 percent on the inner page makes it nice for the search engines.

    After your articles are approved by ezine and pointing to your site, it is time to get working. First thing you do is to go to pingler.com and ping those articles and then bookmark them using the various social bookmarking sites.

    You will need 28 more unique articles in order to pull this off properly and you will need access to different ips as well as you want your articles published under different ip addresses and at different times as well.

    The articles you are going to write need to be between 450 and 500 words for this to be beneficial and absolutely have to be unique. All the articles need to have a keyword density of 3 ? 4 percent as well and as opposed to linking to 2 sites as in a link wheel, you are linking to just one site.

    There are a lot of article writers out there that can write for you if you are not a good writer but you do want some decent articles because you will find that those articles will be read and not just used as a link farm so if you do outsource, keep that in mind.

    Set up blogs at the following sites using unique ip addresses and using the keyword phrase as the blog name and article title. Example ? mykeywordphrase.wordpress.com; if your keyword phrase is not available, use mykeywordphrase1.wordpress.com.

    Web 2.0 properties change in ranking on a regular basis as you probably know, so when you are ready to begin your project, just use your favorite search engine and type in ?list of web 2.0 properties?. Some people have a preference for certain blogs as they are not all user friendly so if you see one or two you don't like, just skip it and go on to the next one.

    Be sure to not use any list you find out there in the order in which it is printed as that will eliminate any benefit you would receive... the key to success with a link push is to randomize, randomize, randomize, which is the exact opposite of a link wheel.

    Your daily task is as follows:

    Write 2 articles following the guidelines above, link it as described in the diagram and publish it. After you publish your article, go to pingler.com and ping it. Also, go to the social bookmarking sites and promote your blogs there every time you make a change or add content... the more the merrier. I personally use Bookmarking Demon to do that as it gets it done fast and easily.
    Change your ip address and publish the next article and ping and bookmark that article.

    The following page has a diagram that explains in some detail.


    As you can see, we are promoting our own blogs in a random manner taking advantage of the benefits of the good page rank that you normally get from ezinearticles.com and goarticles.com.

    Only update the blogs that have no background color.

    You are done for the day as far as your link push is concerned but there is something else you want to do in the process. Daily go to your ezine articles and click the publish button on the article. It will take you to where you can copy and paste the article. You are not doing this to actually publish the article but rather to get it to the top of the most published articles in the section in which you placed the article.

    Also, buy some junk traffic from some other junk traffic provider and you'll also get in the most read section. That will generate nice traffic for your website right off the bat.

    Continue to publish 2 articles daily following the above instructions and make sure that you ping them and bookmark them as well.
    Once your diagram is complete, you need to publish three to five articles on your blogs on a daily basis changing your ip address each time you update and of course, pinging them each time. The easiest way to do this is to go to ezine or associated content, search their site for relevant articles, take the first and last paragraphs and rewrite them or just get Quick Article Pro. Fifty to sixty words per update is all it will take and you'll be set.

    If that takes you an hour, I would be very surprised.

    After you have gone through the cycle once, you should see some improvement in your serps and depending on how you monitize your site, you should begin to reap the benefits financially. This can be repeated where you would have multiple link pushes pointing to your site and that is certainly recommended for some of the harder to rank keywords.

    So in summary:

    1) Write two 700 word articles and get them approved by ezine.
    2) Ping and bookmark those articles.
    3) Set up 28 different blogs using unique ip addresses.
    4) Daily publish 2 articles with only one link per the diagram.
    5) Ping and bookmark those articles.
    6) Complete the link push diagram.
    7) Daily add 50 ? 60 words to five blogs using unique ip addresses.
    8) Daily publish your ezine articles.
    9) Send some junk traffic to your ezine articles.

    Once you have completed the Link Push diagram and have the maintenance down, build another one using other keyword phrases. Randomize the Web 2.0 Properties and move the goarticles and ezine articles around also. This will keep you under the radar as far as the search engines are concerned and will consider your links random. To randomize even more, mix in different but related keyword phrases in as well.

    For instance you could have ?blue ladies shoes?, ?ladies shoes that are blue?, ?find blue ladies shoes? in your Link Push. Do the research and see which keyword phrases will get you the most bang for your writing buck.

    Getting ranked high is work and if you are going to make a decent living using internet marketing, advertising your product or service is very important and this is one of the most cost effective and permanent ways.

    I know for a fact that this method for building your sites ranking works as I do this on a regular and full time basis and make a very nice living from it. My sites average over 150,000 unique visits monthly and that number increases on a regular basis and the traffic is all targeted so it converts nicely.

    The nice thing is that once you get this set up, you can spend just an hour or so a day adding to it and that hour would be one of the most productive hours of your work day. Using the automated tools that are available, you could very well generate 2 or three new Link Pushes a week for your different websites and get several sites ranking very high, get a strong traffic stream and generate some outstanding revenue.

    Do the math, if you have X amount of traffic going to your sites now and generate Y in revenue, what would you make if you had 3X amount of traffic, or 10X amount of traffic or even 100X amount of traffic going to your sites? Don't you think that doing some simple work would make getting Y revenue worth your while?

    So, why did I write this and give it away for free?

    Initially, I started writing it as a guide for my wife so she could be a part of our internet marketing business and learn what this is all about. Then it morphed into something that I could offer some newbies out there that need some guidance. I have some affiliate links in there IIGNORE THEM AS THEY WERE FINE FOR 2009 BUT NOT SO MUCH NOW) so if anyone were to buy those products through my links, I'll get paid... if nobody buys any of them I don't care as I know I have contributed to the benefit of others in the internet marketing industry and that makes me feel pretty good.

    I use those tools I endorsed above every day as it makes the whole project much easier but buy them or don't buy them, seriously, I really don't care. I've always believed in giving back as others have helped me my whole life and this is one way I can give to a community.

    The internet will never be saturated and the niches that are out there are endless so I am not worried that it will affect my income. In fact, my income gets better and better every month and the reason is because my targeted traffic goes up exponentially every month and the main source of my traffic is simple article marketing just like I have described above and I know I have new competition on a regular basis.

    So take advantage of the information in this free report and see your traffic get better from the push up in the search engines and thanks for taking the time to read this.


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    Bookmarked.. Thanks for this!
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    Jun 18, 2014
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    Nowadays, what do you recommend in place of the zine articles or the "grey boxes"?

    Do you still recommend top article directories of maybe 2 very high quality web 2.0s?
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    Oh my. When SEO was a simple couple of blasts. Thank you for the trip down memory lane, BTB.
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    IM all the way.
    I remember learning about Link Pushing from you. Back then, this honestly did work, now I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole.
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    Nowadays I wouldn't do some things mentioned, but overall, the concept is great IMO. :)
  7. BassTrackerBoats

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    Yeah the old concept, the way we used to do it, is not something anyone should do.