A little advice for ranking your site on google that I have from first hand experience.

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    I have been getting PM's from several people asking how in just a short amount of time my porn site receives 22,000+ unique daily visitors, but a huge majority of the traffic is coming from being ranked 1 for huge keywords on Google.

    Something I found interesting with my site is that I never did any SEO building. No huge complicated link webs or paying fiverr people for blasts of this and that. I just let the site sit there and did 1 thing.


    I think content is the biggest part of ranking your site and keeping it there. My site has never moved off the front page of Google after getting there, and I think it is solely because of the massive content that is added nonstop. When someone uploads a video a new URL / page is made for that specific video. Google sees nonstop pages being added to the site and I think that puts you ahead of your competition. I think the spammy links are definitely over-rated considering I have never done any of it and the site has skyrocketed every month with new keywords. The new keywords it ranks for are coming from the video titles. I know people understand content is important already, but I think they don't realise just how many new pages they should keep adding.

    Just food for thought, I could be completely wrong but for the people who let their site sit with 4 or 5 pages and never add any new ones it might be a good idea to re-evaluate things.

    *sorry if this is written poorly I'm super tired***