A Lazy Slacker's Way To Rank Quickly, But Temporarily, On Google

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    this is the fastest way i know of to rank a page on google.
    it doesn't work for every keyword, but nothing does.

    keep in mind the results will only last for a few days and then the rank will keep sliding to a lower page.

    1. log into YouTube and click on your profile icon (upper right corner) and then select "Creator Studio".

    2. now click the upload arrow (two spaces to the left of your profile icon)
    and then scroll down to the bottom and click on "Photo Slideshow - Create" then select "Upload Photos" and navigate to your image folder.

    3. now (depending on how lazy you are) upload either 6 or 12 jpg files that relate to what you're trying to promote and click "Next".

    4. set the slide duration to 10 seconds and add some appropriate music from the selection on the right. you should now have a 1 or 2 minute "video" of still pictures.

    note: people will not watch silent slideshows, so do not omit the sound track!

    5. click "Upload" and on the next screen replace the title "My Slideshow" with a key phrase or two, example: "Divorce Lawyer Boston - Divorce Attorney Boston" (this takes care of both keywords "lawyer" and "attorney").

    6. in the "description window" (it's below the "title window") replace "I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload)" with a keyword laden description of your wonderful service and include a link to where you want the visitors to go.

    if you're promoting an affiliate link be sure to redirect from an intermediary page on your own site to the landing page. do not link directly to the landing page.

    optional: add a tracking code somewhere along the line to see how many visits you get from yt.

    7. in the "Tags" window (it's below the "description window") add some key phrases separated by commas:

    divorce lawyer boston,
    divorce attorney boston,
    divorce lawyers in boston,
    divorce attorneys in boston

    ... etc.

    8. scroll to the top of the screen and click "Publish" - and that's it.

    wait 10 - 20 minutes and then search google for the key phrase you
    put in the title window. check the first 4 pages if you haven't ranked.

    you may have to wait several (4,6,8,12) hours depending upon how
    competitive the key phrases are. and once again keep in mind you may
    not rank at all. this isn't a magic formula that auto guarantees success.

    if you want to increase your odds of ranking, duplicate the above procedure with a Live Stream, ie make both a slideshow and a live stream dated to air several weeks in the future.

    this way either the slideshow, or the live stream, or both of them will get picked up by google.

    i was able to simultaneously get on pages 1 and 2 using this method (my "slideshow" was on page 1, and my "live stream" was on page 2) while at other times i didn't rank at all for very competitive words.
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    Or buy video spin blaster and save hours of work ;)
    Or mass video blaster.
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    I agree 100%, that's probably how I would approach this... Saves a lot of time IMO.