A Google+ Trick for finding prospects -or just people that interest you-.

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    Since G+ is getting more momentum, here's a little "white-hat" trick to help you when searching for prospects -or just people to add to your circles-.

    Login to your G+ account, and paste this query in your browser's address bar:

    This url searches for random posts on G+ and delivers them in real time to you.

    You can hit the "pause" button that appears at the top, and read if something interests you, and resume when fnished. Of course, if you click on the timestamp of any post, you can read the full story.

    If you hit the "Save this search" red button, you have it on your profile page, and you can use it to see posts in real time from people who you can add to your circles that post content relevant to you. It's easier to market your products or services to people who already talk about similar topics, right?

    I'm posting this because I am not a big fan of bots that appear for all social media platforms (lately for g+ also). I prefer not to risk my account or be marked as spammer. It's slower, but it's safer.
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    what exactly are we posting in the url again?