A good place to sell half a website?

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    So here is the story. I have a site that I built which is in the construction industry. I partnered with a guy who was offering this particular service 50/50 on the site. He was getting the leads and I put adsense on the site. Well the site has done great. We were doing email marketing and driving traffic a few different ways and now it is ranked very well for its keyword and that keyword has a average cost per click on adwords around $8 to $10 a click. The site is getting 300 to 400 visitors per day and around 1500 to 2000 page views per day. The average visitors is staying over 4 mins so its good traffic. Our click through rate is great around 10% and it made $1500 last monht on adsense.

    The issue is the leads are coming in from all over the country and he cant travel and do the jobs and make the money so he wants to sell his half. He wants $6k because he got online and did some research on what sites sell for. I am not where I can cash him out right now but I want to do it because over the past few weeks the site has been running around $80 to $100 a day on average and if I wait he may want more later. So I figured I would just find someone else that is in internet marketing to buy him out and we could grow the site some more but how or where would you sell half of a site. I cant really put it on flippa and just offer half and I dont want to sell my half. Places like dp is nothing but a bunch of guys that spend more time reading about making money than actually doing it so they are all broke. Any ideas?