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A good list of link building myths for novice

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by seoways, Feb 7, 2017.

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    A good list of link building myths for novice

    The other day I came across a question about link building- Is link building not necessary? As I proceeded to answer the question, it struck me that merely answering a question will not help larger audience that is confused as hell.

    So I opened a word document and gave it a title “List of link building myths”. We will walk through about it one by one.

    1. Too many links from one single website is risky.

    Yes, it is but only if the website is dressed up for being a website. If your site gets more than a few links from a solid website like Huffington post and it provides traffic why turn them down? Your mission is on the right path.

    Remember, diversity of links from a different domain is a metric for SEO and not for the website traffic and business. Do not restrict yourself in investing in quality links.

    Even Moz said, itgets too many links from Smashing Magazine because the magazine content is great and the traffic they get through is greater.

    I repeat, there will be no negative impact.


    2. Non relevant site links doesn’t help.

    Let us imagine that you are legal service provider in one of the wealthy states in US. In one of the blog articles about how pumped your employees are, you write a about the morning cup of happiness with a link to local coffee business. Admittedly, it is irrelevant but the search engine bots are not going to crash it up just because you liked up with coffee vendor.

    It crushes when it looks like a nasty SEO business.

    Perks of non-relevant links

    1) Traffic from local customers

    2) Links of symbiotic relationship

    3) Not focused by your competitors

    And,free coffee in this case.

    3. Links should be manually built.

    Wake up! Penguin is updated and the damage is done already. Shell out some dollars, create a good content and publish it.

    If the content finds itself to republished, referred or cited then there are few inbound links worthier than the hundreds of link built manually.

    Google loves natural way of doing business and let’s love it back with quality link. If you mess link building with Google you will not love the way it hurts.

    4. You will be penalized if you build links.

    Let us look at some of the reasons for Google penalization.

    · Buying or renting cheap links

    · Copied, spun ,hidden, theft content

    · Overusing H1 tags

    · Internal 404

    · Footer links

    · Missing sitemap data

    · Too much of Anchor text

    · Not considering hreflang

    · Poor website with very slow loading time

    · Spam reports.

    · Robot.Txt flaws

    · Error codes

    · Ads as primary concern

    · Suspicion redirection

    And there are many more. The whole purpose of search engine is to navigate through links and bring the best result possible. So get quality backlinks from quality source you will be fine.

    Google penalized itself more than thrice so give it a break.Too much of thinking is bad.


    The anchor text proportions

    There is a popular saying if it is too good to be true…Google will find you and manually review your site. Let us understand the process of it


    Now comes the problem, maintaining the magical formula does not always help you. Brand -31%,semi branded 19%,KW match 22%, random 28% formula is good but if your site content is more on keyword and less on brand then you may get hit.

    So, pay the right attention to anchor text proportions.

    Link building-A separate strategy

    It ain’t. It is a component of your digital marketing strategy and the more right words are it is part of your marketing strategy. Though this is our service and business we stand to the ethics-Thou shal not pass wrong information.

    To boost up your rankings –Link building helps to greater extent. But not alone. Integrate with your other strategies such as content marketing.

    Guest posting is a link building strategy

    To an extent it is. The sole aim of guest posting is broad. It is more of branding strategy that serves your product or business in the long run than a mere link building strategy. Outline a good story, demonstrate it to the users -it creates impression to the user that Number 1 ranking in the search engine does not create.

    Guest posting gives your site referral traffic and if you have referral traffic the dependency on Google search engine traffic reduces.Lesser is the dependency, more is the freedom.

    I have content. I don’t want link building

    Nothing makes me furious that the above said statement. On the n thtime content and link building goes hand in hand .The unison makes the site stronger with improvement in the search engine ranking positions.

    So neglecting one and embracing other is like depending one wheel of a vehicle to reach destination.

    Links in minutes. Results in seconds

    Sorry to disappoint .Immediate results are not possible in the world of intent marketing. Your ad might go viral but your sales go gradual. The real measurable results take time without any shady practices. If someone claimed that they got the impact in real fast manner then there are three reasons for it.

    1. It is small business-not the size but the industry that is easier to figure.

    2. Local business- had experienced that some of our clients got real fast results just because of this reason.

    3. Low authority- Link building gives greater impact in these cases.

    Let me email people to get links

    While email marketing gives good boost to your sales of product and service, emailing some on to get links is a bad choice and worst choice if you do not have acquaintance with the contact person. A fair number of people had tried this strategy and failed. Use your time and resources on other important things such as guest post.


    Link building is permanent.

    Link building is like Kaizen –a continuous improvement of practices .It is not one time. If someone claimed to be permanent it is suggested to do a double check on the provider and the links source they offer. Reason being links are prone to getting broken, removed by their site owner, may turn bad etc. Work on new links consistently so you can disavow the bottom performers for good.

    This post is to clear some common myths in the world of link building .Will append the post based on your suggestion.
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