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    Hi everybody, I have to tell you that I discovered BHW in january 2008, I know, it's one year ago, and yet I only registered on july and never decided to post.
    Honnesty, I didn't care and decided to download everything without thanking people, never. I know that's lame. But the kharma punished me: I never make a dime with all that useful info shared here on BHW. After having received an answer of a PM from Mythos, who told me he found it weird that I hadn't post yet despite my longevity here, I decided to present myself to make this first post.
    Basically, I'm a 18 year old dude, french guy, who discovered IM 2 years ago but who only found scams. BHW is really a goldmine for me. But now I will change my attitude, and I will participate to this amazing forum. My goal is to go live in L.A next year, that is from august. And to do it, I need cash. That's why I will make cash during this summer using IM, obliged.
    Thanks BHW for existing, thanks to all these wonderful members who make me laugh because even when a wonderful product releases, they say, "rehashed garbage, shit", ... Severe but that says how advanced in IM they are!
    I know it's a long introduction, but I'm gonna say two things:
    1) I will never do e-whoring, since I believe in a better world, in honnesty, and for me black hat doesn't mean necessary cheating people, but more being part of an underground community. BTW I don't judge ppl who do it, it's just that I can't support the thought of making desperate people even more desperate.
    2) With an alexa rank of 1,469 right now for BHW, I don't understand why certains gurus don't see their stuff being shared on this forum. But that's good news for us and when we'll release a product (ie ebook), we will know how to protect it from digital stealing!

    Finally, thank you everybody, I hope that by writing this post I will make a new step towards changing my destiny, because:
    "a thousand mile journey begins with a single step", and "if you've always do what you've always done, then you'll always get what you've always gotten".

    Thanks for reading,

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