A free webinar with ROIRocket co-owner Zac McGrath.

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    Mar 5, 2008
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    I received the following email:

    If you're not using CPA's like ROIRocket, Market Leverage,
    Hydra Media and others then you are MISSING out on a vast
    amount of potential traffic.
    You see, the Affiliate Managers at CPA's manage all the
    affiliates that are signed up as publishers in their
    networks. And there are some enormous affiliates that
    'play' within CPA's...
    Frankly these are folks that you would die to get JV's from
    and would probably have a hard time ever reaching through
    any other avenue. Leveraging CPA's relationships with
    these affiliates can bring you traffic like you never
    thought possible, and truly at the flip of a switch.
    The problem is that many marketers do not know how to get
    their offers listed on CPA's or get rejected because they
    don't just accept anyone.
    Here's why... most people don't understand their metrics
    and don't bring the right promotional materials to the
    table when applying.
    I can tell you from personal experience that the amount of
    traffic and sales generated by CPA's can be ridiculous and
    I'd like to help you enjoy some of these benefits as well.
    That's why, if there is enough interest, I'm going to put
    together a free webinar with ROIRocket co owner Zac McGrath
    - and yes it's free - and no, there is no pitch behind it.
    What do I think to be 'enough interest'?... well if I can
    get 300 on a webinar with Zac then that would be enough for
    Here's how you can 'vote' your level of interest. If you'd
    like to attend a free webinar with me and Zac Mcgrath,
    co-owner of ROIRocket, one of the top CPA Networks then
    simply send a blank email to [email protected] and
    I'll handle the rest, including notifying you of the time
    and date.
    Looking forward to this - should be a lot of fun and a
    definite learning experience!
    To your success,
    John Hostler
    I hope You'll be interested in this webinar too!