A Foundational Truth to IM Niche Success

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    Well, here it is folks. I've been on BHW for years, lurking, reading, and gathering information. My first account was lost to the flow of the internet, but I always find myself back here at BHW. I've had a couple IM "flings", if you will, earning $50 here, $100 there. I've never created and maintained something sustainable though, and it's surely disheartening, as this is my life's goal... But, I've stumbled upon a piece of advice that I personally have found to be of infinite value. I only hope that I can convey this well for others, that they may learn from it as well!!

    I don't claim to have "done-it-all", but in my journey I have tried quite an array of monetizing techniques. I started out small, with linkbucks, ******, and hyperlinkcash (if anyone remembers them :p ). I learned to program and write code when I was veryy young, so I tried making and selling products, but I think perhaps I tried this too early-on in my IM journey, as I didn't have the resources and information I now possess. I tried CPA, I tried PPD, I tried both PPC and PTC, all with minor success. I tried whitehat, blackhat, and various mutations of these categories. But at the end of all this, I have come to realize that my problem was not in the mechanics, if you will, as I consider carrying out an idea to be the easiest part. For me, I found that my error was in MYSELF, more specifically in how I developed the idea, or niche. Every niche I put into action, was not something I myself enjoyed working with. Mind you, I have many hobbies, ranging from automotive work to information security. But my approach was always to think of what OTHER people enjoy, instead of something I enjoy. Because you see, if the plan didn't succeed at first, I got bored, or depressed, or just entirely forgot about that plan, in lieu of another.

    This being said, I have had an enlightenment in my approach, and now that I have come to this place of understanding, I realize much that I learned in my journey was pointing to this truth all along. That truth simply put, is: APPLY WHAT YOU KNOW. And maybe even deeper than that: APPLY WHAT YOU ENJOY. Because no matter how successful a niche-specific project is, you will have to force yourself to enjoy it. For myself, I'm not a fan of cooking food, not at all. So for me to have success in a good cooking-related niche, is not a good use of time, even if it is very successful, as I will not be able to fully apply myself. Mentally, perhaps... emotionally, passionately, religiously... NO.

    Now, I am a firm believer in staying out of people's heads unless I'm sure it will only benefit them. But this concept of applying what you know and enjoy, came to me from experience. No, I have not had multimillionaire success, at least not yet... But I have found a niche that is perfect for me, and keeps my attention. Even if this project is not successful at first, it is a topic that I sincerely enjoy working with, so I will be naturally inclined to see it through to the end; success.

    This is a bit more than I planned to write, but perhaps it will be just enough to help others follow their dreams, by doing what they love.

    Highest regards and best of luck,

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    Ya I totally agree with picking a niche you enjoy
    You can also tell by someones content if they actually are in to what they're talking about
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    Why bump a one post journey thread from 2012?
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    They are usually greedy for that post count
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    or maybe its actually 2012 and we're all living in delusion