A flood of over 600 mobile users rocked my site on the 2nd

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by mikie46, Nov 5, 2010.

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    Im selling a trial offer of a male enhancement product on my site. The site is ********* to this one product. Normally, i get 50 - 150 users visit the site and convert 5 sales easily.

    ... but on the 2nd my site was flooded with more than 600 unique visitors, 67% of them mobile users and 25 conversions @ 30 bucks a pop. Mysteriously, just after midnight all the traffic went dead and the site is back to normal.

    What a rush! If only it was a daily occurrence. The last time this happened someone did a media buy and the traffic lasted for over 3 weeks. This time however it was short lived and only lasted a day. Even during those 3 weeks the most users that visited was 294. This time it was over 600 probably because it was in the #1 position, previously it was 4th on the 1st page.

    The site is in the #1 position of Google for the product name and 255 other keywords related to the keyword.

    I wonder why kind of media buy this was that would only send this kind of traffic over a one day period. Cant find any PR online and cant determine how the word got out about the product. Must have been radio or tv?

    If i could find out for sure i would buy it myself.
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    Very strange (and lucky) :D

    What affiliate network has offers for male enchancement products?