A Fine Argument For College: Genius Swindled By Psychic!

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    "The World's Smartest Man" Gets Conned by a "Psychic To The Stars"


    Adam Robinson is an Oxford-educated chess master and co-founder of the
    Princeton Review. His ex-girlfriend is a "psychic to the stars." Who do you guess is suing whom, for cleverly stealing all the money?

    Yes, Mr. "Smarty Pants" Robinson is suing his ex, Laura Day (pictured
    with pal Demi Moore), alleging that she preyed on his?ha, get this, seriously, straight from his lawyer, guys?"psychological infirmity in handling his personal finances."

    This is a thing you can say in court now and get your money back from people, apparently.

    Robinson's suit says that Day, who has plugs on her website
    http://www.howtoruletheworldfromyourcouch.com/ from Brad Pitt, Jennifer
    Aniston, Nicole Kidman, and other gullible famous people who enjoy Day's
    brand of psychic self-help, totally manipulated him into:

    1. Turning her crappy worthless notes into a book, which he helped her
    get the deal for, and which went on to sell spectacularly.

    2. Writing her next two crappy made-up books, which she earned millions on.

    3. Giving her half of his royalties from his own books.

    4. And also giving her the other half of his royalties, for her kid.

    If these allegations are true, Laura Day really does have something to
    teach us all.