A Few Tips That Have Helped me on Fiverr

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    Hey there BHW members,

    As a beginner in IM, I have utilized Fiverr to gather some money to invest with for future projects which I feel are fast approaching. As others have, I feel very in debt to the community here on BHW. With that being said, although I am a noob, I still want to help others just how others have helped me. The way I want to offer help is to offer tips that have helped me succeed in Fiverr:

    *These tips are just for single Fiverr account users preferably

    1) Make as many gigs as you can (max is 20). Think out of the box; be crazy; the gigs that you think people won't buy are gigs that are unique and that they probably would buy. Think about it like this: If some person can make hundreds of dollars dancing in a hot dog costume, what can you do?

    2) Make a tip jar gig. How hard is it? I see SO MANY sellers without a tip jar gig. This tip is very important. It's basically FREE money if you deliver quality work to your customers and requires a <5minute setup time. For every 5 customers, I get a tip gig ordered. The biggest tip I've made from a single customer was $80 (25 tip jar gigs ordered). This lady was so pleased with my work that she gave me $80 as a tip which leads me to my last tip.

    3) Have someone review you- within their review, tell that person to mention that he/she tipped you $100 because he/she was so pleased with your work. The lady who tipped me $80 included a similar statement to, "..I have decided to give this seller a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR TIP just because he went above and beyond with his work and I was so pleased with it!" The thing about reviews now a days, is that most reviews are dull and boring; they don't attract buyers' eyes; however, words like ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS tend to stick out more than the usually, "Great gig, I highly recommend it." In my opinion, reviews like this just don't seem to seal the deal for me. After the lady's review, I particularly noticed a drastic change in the number of gigs that were ordered. This third tip is great for starter gigs because they will be the first review that buyers read about.

    That's about it! I hope my three tips will help some of you BHW members out there; at the same time, thank you, BHW members, for helping me out indirectly.
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