A few tips for newbies

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    Most people sign up here because they want to learn how to make money, so here are a few tips to help you find what you need here.

    1: Build a rep... Instead of your first 15 posts being all questions, search through posts, and find the ones you can relate to, post useful replies, give thanks, and maybe recieve a few.

    2: Most likely someone has already asked the questions that you need answered, so just use the search box on the left panel.

    3: When you do ask questions, be specific so people will answer you correctly. So many people here will say something like "help me make money" That is annoying as hell!

    4: Use spell check! Its one thing to mispell words from time to time, but every word is insane.

    5: Always remember when you post a question or a good method on here, The enemies are watching! So if you want to continue using a method to make money, dont mention certain site names in certain threads. Think before you type....

    Anyone else can feel free to add to this list if you like :D