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A few tips for newbies starting out and not to struggle from info overload

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Paulie W, Feb 28, 2014.

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    Sep 29, 2013
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    When I started out with IM half a year ago, I didn´t know where to start. I spend weeks reading threads and journeys about Youtube, PPD and CPA and some other techniques. 2 months later, I still didnt have a clue how SEO works. I had tons of single information in my memory, but the connection was missing, so I would forget the things I read very fast and still didn´t really know where to start. Fortunately, some awesome members took hours of their time answering my newbie questions and preventing me from spending money on usuless ideas.

    Here a few tips how to handle this tons of new information and taking the first steps.

    How to do your first research

    First of all, do your research before starting anything! When you don´t have a clue, SEO and IM in general might seem easy, because you found a journey from 2007 where someone made xx.xxx$ after 10 days with this super easy method. Well, they aren´t, especially nowadays since so many things changed. Tberefore, be cautious when reading about older techniques, many of them may backfire and get you penalized.

    Your detailed research will save you time and money and more importantly save you from the attitude: "All of my projects failed, so Blackhat isn´t working! Im out of here!".

    When people say that all the information you need is in this forum, that is true. However, starting out, I don´t think its the best source, mainly because it is very easy to get distracted by this awesome method here or incredible method there. I would rather advice you to start with general SEO guides. Matthew Woodwords, who is also a member here, has a very good complete SEO guide for newbies starting out. If you dont know some words, google them: `"What is an anchortext" + SEO`. If you are done with that, google for some other guides with queries like "definite SEO guide 2013". Learn how to use g00gle queries the right way, since they will be one of your main way for researching (for SEO methods and for your later projects).

    How to collect and structure information

    For writing down new information, no matter if this is from guides, forums, or sites or services you found, I highly recommend Evernote. You can insert there not only text, but images and videos as well. I always have it open when being on the forum or reading about SEO, and if I found something I didn´t know or might need in the future, I put a link into the specific Evernote for the information source and /or copy and paste the most part part about this information. You want to structure your different notes, so for example I have about 20 different notes related to SEO, like : Onpage - Backlinks in general - web 2.0s - 301 - content - services - sites and so on. It way better than just bookmarking them or subscribe to it (of yourse you can do this additionally)

    Once you have a basic understanding of a SEO and can understand the technical terms, take a look on the journey section here, find something that sparks your interest and read the journey(s) about this topic. Maybe it is an authority site you plan to build about your passionate hobby, maybe you just want to be an affiliate and create dozens of sites. Its up to you.

    How start your first site / project

    When you feel ready to start your first project, do a detailed research on each step. First you want to do Keyword research, so search for guides here and on G00gle about it and spend 1 or 2 days reading. This is the most crucial step in SEO, if you make mistakes here (your competition is too hard to beat or the Keyword doesnt convert = you are not making money even if ranking), your site is determined to fail. Once your familiar with it, do find some KWs with low competition. It needed to be bolded because the ratio of newbies getting juicy and trying to rank for KWs like "payday loans" is too damn high! Start with something around 1k exact match searches per month and concentrate on 1 site. Once you found your KWs, you want to setup WP and write content or outsource it. Guess what? Correct, you do your research first, and then start doing it. By creating your projects this way you avoid information overload and can remember the most parts of each SEO section way better, because after you read it you will take action and apply your knowledge. That is the most effective way to learn.

    When your site is done, focus on improving and ranking it. Start only your next sites, if you strategy has worked, hence you ranked and made money of your site.

    Good Luck :)
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    Paulie, this is an excellent post :)
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