A few questions to yourself and others who are STUCK.

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    I wasted (learned) a lot of time trying different things and software in IM, and i learned (wasted) that the most effective way to
    make good money with the smallest effort possible
    is to pick the RIGHT OFFER and then STICK TO IT.

    if you do not understand the topic, quit anyway.​

    1. Why do you want to waste all of your time bringing traffic to your offer if the conversion of the offer is low?
    2. Why do you want to waste your life working like everyone else does when you are unique?
    3. Why are you scared about spending money for IM when you are spending so much on clothes/food/parties?
    4. Why do you think that software will make money for you? Automation of tasks will save your time and money.
    5. Why do you trust everyone around you, just not yourself? Start counting on yourself!

    Can you remember the old day's when you had nothing?
    Things were so easy...

    Is it really worth the life?
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    Sure, One of the most important aspects to making money online is healthy conversion rates along with good offers for your authority/MNS sites. But different ones work best for different offers. As long as you automate some of them you can very well diversify.