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    so for anyone with knowledge in the area, please try your best at answering these:

    1. if one of my monetized videos gets taken down for copyright, will my adsense be banned temporarily, permanently, or not?

    2. will i still be able to cash out my earnings after my adsense is suspended?

    3. if one of the youtube accounts associated with adsense is banned (say for 3 community guidelines strikes), does adsense also get banned?

    4. if youtube accounts are under different gmails than my adsense account, is my adsense then safe if they are banned or receive copyright strikes?

    5. does the youtube account need to be verified to be able to manually add ads (for example at the start of the video)? i can add them on my verified accounts, but not my others.

    6. it seems arbitrary which softcore porn gets removed, and so far it seems that if it survives the first few views, it's generally safe (haven't had too much time to test though), and twerking vids seem rather safe.
    does anyone know really what's okay and what's not? there's some vids like this up with a million and more views, especially if they're in non-english titles. i guess it's just a matter of getting lucky. feel free to ignore this question.

    7. is the method of copy pasting articles from news sites and tops 10s etc. in the form of slideshows generally safe? i'm not sure that constitutes fair-use, but it seems that it's a popular method here.

    that's all i can think of for now, thanks.
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