A few questions on Micro sites, hosting IP's, adsense accounts

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by bhaffiliate28, May 28, 2010.

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    Edit - I guess I could have posted this in the Adsense forum LOL

    I have a couple general questions regarding the development of micro-sites.

    First, there seems to be mixed reviews on here about how micro-sites should be designed, built, whether they work, how long they will work, will Google ban you, etc...

    I have heard that if you have a few dozen sites...no big deal and most likely your adsense account (assuming all of them use the same PUB-ID) won't get targeted unless your dozen's of sites are making some serious bank. However, I hear its a good idea to have multiple accounts. Is the key to just have different TAX-ID's? So I could make an account for my wife or do they look at your address, etc...

    regarding hosting. How important is it to have your domains spread across multiple IP's? I have a dreamhost account, and so far only 4 websites are under it. A buddy of mine is a bit more anal and "somehow, not sure how" spreads his domains across multiple IP's...so he has like 5-6 onlike 3 different IP's.

    Is there a good rule of thumb..like try not to have 20 domains, for example, under 1 IP?

    Obviously the more pages for a micro-site the better, but right now my pages range close to 4-5 (including contact, privacy policy, terms of use), but I should shoot for upwards of 10-20 pages right? maybe even more for the keywords that seem to perform the best.

    None of my sites are really ranked right now. They are all index, almost all 4-5 pages of each site are, but no good google rankings.

    Also I do use Google Analytics, I have heard from some its a good idea to get rid of that.
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    Ah, no replies? :-( OP, did you eventually figure out these things? Do you mind sharing here?