A few questions on Adult hosting

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    Nov 4, 2012
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    Hello everyone, I have a few questions as I have decided to create my own Adult website and am quite new to this. I have experience with hosting websites, but they have always purely been clan websites for Counter Strike.

    Where should I insert my keywords or te site besides the title on the front page and in the meta-tags?

    Should I make a small blog section with updates on the site? Like a news section? And would this help my rankings?

    Does anyone know of a good free Adult Video Script that supports java instead of flash? I am currently using wpxtube and those who have viewed my site who attempt to on any iOS device are having major issues as the videos are in flash format.

    And what are (in your opinion) the wst CPA sites for adult video websites? I want to find one that is safe, reliable, and has a decent payout. Something like Adsense, though for Adult websites. My experiences in this category have..not been good. The last four I tried attempted to use exploits in peoples browsers to upload malware to te users computer, and I want to have a safe Adult site (I know, it shocks me to even think about it).

    Thanks a lot guys, I have learned so much from BHW and hope to be able to contribute when I finally have the finer details on SEO down!