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    Hello everyone,

    I've recently started learning a lot about paid traffic, including media buying, ppc, ppv and so on. My main source of learning has been Traffic Blackbook 2.0, and I've planned to use a few $k to make some tests. But, before that I want to learn more so I hopefully don't f*ck it up.

    That's why I have a few questions. Thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time to answer them:

    1.) For clickserver, is prosper202 the best (free) solution, or are there alternatives that you'd recommend?
    2.) Are there any guides/resources you got valuable information from for that topic? I'm especially interested in ad psychology, POF, facebook ads, adwords, bing ads and media buying.
    3.) Besides adbeat, can you recommend me good data providers for research into competitor campaigns?
    4.) If you had to give a paid traffic noob one piece of advice, what would it be?
    5.) How much do you usually spend on a campaign until it becomes profitable? Is there a decent chancethat $5k will be enough? (that's what I had in mind)

    That's it.

    warm regards,
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    5) A campaign's profitability does not depend on how much you spend. It ultimately depends on how well your convert your visitors and how much profit you make per sale.

    One can spend $1000 on a campaign and not make a profit because the page doesn't make a compelling argument that your visitors should buy from you. Spending $2000 will not change that. If 1% of your visitors convert, spending twice or even five times as much won't magically increase that percentage. If that's the case, you need to look at your sale message and improve it.

    That supposes of course you are properly targeting your prospects. One can waste a lot of money - and thus not be profitable or less so - by being too generic in keyword choices and not generally understanding how to use the system wisely. I see this all the time.

    So profitability comes from the sales funnel: proper targeting of those looking for you --> give them a reason to click your ad --> finish it off by giving them a good reason to buy. Unless you spend more than you make or sell at too low a price, you'll be profitable.

    3) Don't waste too much of your time and definitely don't waste money on researching what competitors are doing. Build the best possible campaign for YOU, not what others are doing.

    Knowing what keywords competitors are using is useless. I assume you know your product and therefore should know the keywords to use, although like I said, many mess that up because they don't understand the system nor how their prospects search for them. Besides, these tools are not perfect and don't tell you the whole picture.

    Knowing what competitors are spending per click is useless. It doesn't help you make better campaigns.

    Knowing how long competitors have been doing PPC is useless. It doesn't mean they are any good at it or even profitable. One presumes they are profitable but you'd be surprised. Also, if you think they are using the same ad for some time that it works for them, think again. Even if that were true, copying their ads does not mean it will work for you (especially if it's not working for them which you don't know if it is). Think also why someone would click either ad if they say the same thing. This could hurt both of you.

    You need to find your own unique selling proposition.