A few questions for the folks of BHW

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    So BHW, this is I think my first post, and its probably going to come off like I'm out with an agenda, but if you choose to partake in this, I will appreciate your help. If you choose not to, I 100% completely understand.

    I have an assignment for my marketing class, and I don't know a community that sells sh*t better than BHW. I could ask people I know in real life, but thats not nearly as fun as some of the people on here. I have a handful of questions to ask, with nothing too personal.

    I also know that these questions I'm about to ask likely push or go completely over the boundaries that some of you are willing to discuss, and I'm totally fine with that. If you don't want to participate, again, I understand, since the whole nature of BHW is cast in this sort of elusive shadow. I just know that there are a lot of interesting, incredibly successful people with great stories on here.

    Be as descript or as vague as you feel comfortable with.

    Note that what I'm referring to is not necessarily what you do relating to BHW or the internet, but if you work in a sales position, these questions still apply. I just wanted to leave it open ended.

    1. What do you sell?

    2. Do you sell B2B?

    3. Who is your target market?

    4. What is your history in sales?

    5. What lead you to the decision to sell what you do?

    6. Regarding your interaction with customers, do you appreciate the interaction and process of communicating with your buyers, or do you only see them as a statistic.

    7. Do you have a plan to expand your position in the future, if so, how do you plan to do it?

    And before anyone asks, I am NOT farming information to sell it. I am NOT trying to backhand my way into money by collecting or using this information. If you don't want to comment, then please don't post negative remarks. Regardless, I expect to see plenty of "GTFO" type responses :p. For whoever is open to helping, I thank you.