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A few questions about growing a profile.

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by gamemasterirp, May 26, 2017.

  1. gamemasterirp

    gamemasterirp Newbie

    Oct 29, 2008
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    Ok so I wanted to try this out for kicks and giggles. I read a few posts, and decided to do this:
    • Made a new facebook account on my phone with the FB App.
    • Filled in all the details (hometown, work, hobbies, ect)
    • Grabbed a few pics from tinder to use as profile picture, featured pictures
    • (Though I realize now I probably should have kept track of the source so I can add more pics if necessary)
    • Added fake likes to profile pic and cover
    • Made current friends 'private - only me'
    • Then I added a few local people from Discover
    I feel like after I have added a few certain people I get a wave of friend invites, so now I'm having a hard time telling which accounts are bots and which are real. (Some are obvious). Is it safe to assume that all these invites are just other bots?

    What is everyone's criteria/plan for adding friends? I know some people write to just add 'mutual friends', and some people suggest adding via groups or other tricks. Do you care if you add bots? Or perhaps you add them and deal with them later?

    Also what about content? Do you stay silent or post random generic updates every now and then. Do you engage your friends in the comments? If you do engage then would you still do it if the account wasn't niched?

    Also Private Messages, do you respond? I'm thinking about writing 'Didn't we meet at a x's party last week?' then just leaving it at that.

    I noticed I'm following one account that I thought was a fake at first, but she has a lot of engagement, is posting regularly, and she is also participating in the engagement. Are there any complex bots that do this? Simulate fake conversations via network of bots?

    Thanks to anyone who takes the time to answer. I really appreciate it! Sorry if a question has been asked before. I've been looking around for answers, but maybe I'm blind.

    My plan, basically, is to grow the profiles, then use them to funnel people into pages, then sell whatever niche from there.
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