A few products or a lot of products?

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    Hey Everyone!
    I'm an Amazon, CB, EBay, Apple, and Microsoft affiliate (and Microsoft partner). I've built a few sites that are my primary income sources online - they have nothing to do with selling products as an affiliate. Now that I have those up and running I want to make some money using these affiliations but having a hard time figuring out which products to work with - and how many.

    Is it a good move to build a site and sell everything? Focus on one area - say electronics, but I think that's being done to death - and sell tons of products, from all my sources? Or just one source such as Amazon or Ebay? Pick a niche?

    You all see where I'm going here without listing all the many different ways this can be done ;)

    The other end of this same issue is - if I were to go down the path of selling many products or many types - do it all one site and break them down via menus/categories or create subdomains for various types of products?

    I know these are broad points to discuss but it would be great to find a consensus - if that's possible on such a huge forum?lol

    Just looking for the best, initial, approach to bank a few dollars.

    Thanks for your advice!