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A Few Fundamentals For Success For Newbies to The Business

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by gonzomcribbinz, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. gonzomcribbinz

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    Sep 16, 2008
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    Getting paid.
    I started writing this as a response to this thread but it started getting pretty long so I decided to make a thread.

    First of all, to answer the question "How Many Differnt Methods Do You Use To Make $$$"

    These are the ways that I, personally, make money:

    I've always subscribed to the mindset that a successful entrepreneur should be actively involved in three tiers of projects: long term, median term, and short-term.

    Long-term Projects: I research, create, and distribute my own info products (Never in the IM niche...at least not yet...;)) I build responsive lists. I SEO the shit out of websites that I consider to be in the upper-echelon - takes months, even years to see a return, but the return is definitely worth it since each site that succeeds becomes its own business.

    Median term projects: I do lead-gen direct for private companies...NOT for CPA programs. I also provide SEO services to private clients (carefully screened and selected to weed out the "problem" clients). I also look out for various joint ventures that look to be profitable (harder and harder to find with the huge influx of dumbasses involved in half-assed JVs in the last year or so).

    Short-term projects: I do CPA stuff for "quick cash" (this is where the majority of my "black hat" seo and traffic-generation tactics are tested and utilized). Also do some flipping of "hot" to "luke warm" opt-in lists for cash (after I'm done with them, of course ;)). I do some promoting of a very, Very, VERY limited amount of stuff from affiliate programs (why put up with their skimming when I can keep all the revenue by developing a product just as good or better than their "hot" products and keeping ALL the revenue? :D)

    **Important Note: Just because these methods work for me now doesn't mean that they always did. Almost all of them took months of testing, tweaking, and more testing to find an agreeable profit margin. I strongly suggest that you find what works for you, not for others (though you're more than welcome to try any of the above...I thrive on competition...:D)

    Now for a Few Fundamentals:

    • Anyone serious about this game may want to consider trying the long, medium, short approach as well. Sure, there are plenty of people that get along well otherwise, but this is the formula that's worked for me. It's nothing "earth-shattering" but I've found that the stuff that makes the most money rarely is.

    • I NEVER "run with the crowd" toward anything hyped or the "next best thing." By the time anything reaches that level of attention, it's almost over-saturated or already is. Instead, find the seemingly "quiet" areas of the web and make them work for you. Milk it for all it has until some d*****bag releases a WSO or ebook about it and then make money off of that. ;) Then get out of it and on to the next thing.

    • Staying one step ahead of the pack isn't that hard. It just takes figuring out what works and applying it instead of reading about what others are doing all the time.

    • The vast majority of people on each and every forum are "arm chair" marketers. They're nothing but parrots repeating what they have heard works and what they have heard doesn't. Ever wonder why the guys that seem to make the most post the least? It's because they're out there doing instead of reading the next thread on "Make $100 a Day E-Whoring Yourself To Guys Spanking Off While You Talk!" Sure, you can make money doing that, but consider it as a "short term" thing to bring in some quick cash while your median and long-term strategies gain momentum.

    • Outsourcing is crucial. But knowing about the things you outsource is even more crucial. For example, how are you going to know if that sales copy you paid $500 for is worth a damn if you don't know at least the fundamentals of copywriting? How are you going to know if the script you had made by that kid on the forum doesn't leave footprints or will actually work when you upload it to your server if you don't know at least a little about programming? There's a wealth of info available, well....EVERYWHERE on everything. Personally, I buy real books to read on a lot of this stuff. Or I print out the good info I find online. Then I leave it on the back of the toilet. No, really. It's the one time I KNOW I'll want something to read. Might as well be something that benefits my business.

    • Learn to write well in English. Then learn to write well in another language that is showing growth in online commerce. When I say "write well" I mean that you need to be able to communicate so well that a native speaker won't be able to identify that you're not a native speaker when they read your writing. If you can't fathom why this is the most important thing you can learn to scale your business, then nothing else will ever matter. This is why: 1) English is obviously a needed language to communicate effectively with the majority of "major players" online: just about everything is marketed in English whether as a first or second language. 2) Anything and everything in terms of niches and SEO online in English are quickly becoming so competitive that the rewards rarely equate to the effort anymore. There are plenty...Plenty...PLENTY of green pastures in several other languages, however.
    All of this was off the top of my head and I realize that there's no specific strategy or anything. However, keeping this stuff in mind will help a lot of the people that I see making posts that show them as being very, very lost. Find your direction, focus on it, and write down or save other ideas along the way for analysis and use later. Overcoming distractions is probably the biggest time-saver there is.

    -Gonzo Mcribbinz
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