A Facebook Formula You Can Use. Plus More Tips

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by kayzne, Aug 1, 2008.

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    I am writing this from my cell so please forgive the formatting.

    It's pretty simple really.

    - Buy, use, get, create 6-100 facebook accounts.

    - Add friends from groups in your niche. Also, add the accounts you created to eachother.

    - then, cross wall post your accounts. do not post on the walls of your added friends, as they will think its spammy cuz they just met you and report you. you will not report yourself, because you know yourself really well :p

    The appearance of honest friendship is the instant credibility you need.

    rinse and repeat.


    - your posts should be about a product, service or offer that the group you added them from would be interested in.

    - don't make the offer look like an advertiser wrote it. be a friend, tell them something bad with the good! make it unbelievably beleivable.

    - an example msg you would leave for a biz op group niche

    "eh buddeh, ya im in the us right now, they hate bush! so glad i can work on the road. and now u want too eh? mooch! im not bringing you, tho it would be fun to have you along. just goto (blahblahcloakedafflink) sign up, then let me know, if you have any probs msg me. travel partners?"

    People on facebook love to look at other peoples walls.

    - the dumb facebook users add the groups that tell you to save facebook or its being shut down. you could prolly convince them to sign up for free ipods and stuff like that.

    - having interests on ur profile related to your niche is good to have. and making only your status appear on ur mini feed provides good security.

    - allow anyone to view your profile, even if not your friend.
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    I don't know about this one, in my experience with talking to people who use facebook daily here at college, noone gives a first (much less second) thought to stuff like that. I think myspace would be a much better medium for something like this...

    Just my 2 cents. :)
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    from your cell? care to explain lol? :S
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    play mafia wars farmville petsociety etc
    make profile sexy and post at boards forum "add me your team your neighboor etc"
    fast easy to get friends and groups
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    even if no one comes to read your wall... which is highly unlikely tho.... people will still keep seeing you in the facebook sidebar updates !! As long as you are pretty active !!

    one question tho ! is there a way to update my autoblog posts as the link on my facebook status ?? /thanks :)