A decent Offline gig turned black or white hat -- Holiday Lotto tickets


Sep 14, 2009
I feel like I have not yet contributed to this forum and I am always coming up with good ideas-- Didn't want this one to really be the first one, but it's a Holday idea and the Holidays are rapidly approaching. This idea may sound a little cheesy but it could work in a variety of ways you just have to put your own spin on it. Here are a few ideas.

Have you ever gotten one of those fake lotto scratch off tickets? The ones that make you believe you won a $20,000 prize? But it says something like Reedemable when Santa delivers or something in fine print at the bottom? You can get them at stores like Spencers and other places that sell gag gifts for about $5-7 -- Well right now in Florida, there are Holiday lotto tickets that are selling like crazy and they only give out a certain amount of them and the $ is marked up-- other states should have it too? these tikets are $20.00. Well the idea is to go up to people tell them that you fell on hard times or whatever the story and you just want to sell your ticket so you can have gas, or lunch money for the kids etc.

Now this is where the black vs. white hat comes in:

If you are doing it black hat you just sell them the ticket and leave, they might even have a good chuckle when they see the fine print

Or completely do it what hat-- and give them a ticket in an envelope. Put a little note that says,"A portion of your stupidity, just saved a life-- " Along with a little word of caution about Holiday Scams and Safety. What you do is really donate to a charity. Use only a portion to be donated if you need some cash or if that's what you want to do. I would recommend Toys for Tots or holdiday food drives. Some charties will often give you donation receipts as well that you can take up so that they can put the donation on the taxes.

note: If you do a low number for the price like $3-10 or something like that it should be less of a problem with people wanting to get their money back. Probably even something like $2 may work you will have to run tests on the price.

Another idea is that if you have a problem with doing it out in the community if you have a lot of friends and family do it to them... I know with my large family it would be a good laugh and a lot of extra money! I have huge family. Instead I would put a note like: A portion of your Stupidity has been donated to the (Your Name Here) Christmas Fund.

You could do this method by mail, email, or even phone. Just think of a way to spin it. Hope that this idea gets some people's brains turning at least on things that they can do to make money over the Holidays.
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