A CPA Goldmine?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by shapeshift3r, May 10, 2009.

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    So I know a forum where person A pays person B to complete a CPA offer. Person A then pays person B a portion of the money earned. They somehow tracked when someone had completed an offer. I wasn't sure how they were doing this but I think I may know now.

    When I completed offers I noticed that alot of the CPA sites had a sort of landing page that you accessed before clicking the AFF link to your CPA offer. I now believe was used by person A to do various tasks such as tracking of person B. But more importantly the landing page may have had DB backend that was somehow linked to the CPA providers DB so they would know when person B had successfully completed an offer.

    Maybe someone knows something about this stuff and can tell me if im way off or not.

    This could be really lucrative if you setup an auto mailing system of offers to complete.

    Ie: Person A posts in the forum : Email me here to get a list offers you can complete for cash. Then your autoresponder sends them the link to your site. Person B completes various offers from your site.

    To pay them you setup and an auto payment system linked to your DB so that whenever an offer is completed person B gets their cut.

    The whole thing rides on how to access the CPA networks DB. Is it a simple process? Is there other ways of getting this information in an automated way? I mean sure you could watch and see if your CPA network account shows a change, but that can take too long and also you dont want to sit there all day paying out $2-$10 to peoples paypal accounts.

    What do you guys think?
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    Are you talking about a simple subid tracking?
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    keep guessing...
    the Internet...
    this sounds a lot like creating your own little cpa network (the script for it was shared here a few days ago). All the affiliates of your network will actually work with a subid with which you can track them and then pay them a share of your sales/signups.
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    this is just like every incentive site in existance...search BHW for incentive scripts or hit google up - theres a few decent ones floating around out there. instead of offering a free ipod or whatever, you just pay out cash for completing offers...
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    I know of a site where members fill out offers and get paid 1.00 for each offer they do. The membership base is around 30 members but if you got enough cp's there it could be big
    say charge a cpa'er 20.00 a month to let them post their affilaite links and banners and the members fill out the offers. I know someone doig it makeing over 200 a month easy across his network and that is after paying for offers to be done. I am sure people would pay 20 a month to be able to post their links there if it is going to net them over 200 a month in and month out no problem even more if they put more or the righ offerd up seeing one good offer could pay 13.00 or more. Now that is with 30 hand picked members and their refferals think if you had 60 members doing offers. Could be limitless.