a couple of questions about google adsense

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Bartman, Dec 30, 2010.

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    If I place google ads on my website and promote the site using xrumer and scrapebox, will google ban my site?

    if google bans someone's site, is it possible/easy to make a new site and start again?

    in keyword tool, in the cpc column, it says something like $1.68. Is that per click? if someone clicks on a google ad in my website, I will get $1.68?

    I have an idea for a niche, but most of the people visiting the site would be located in the middle east. Does this make a difference in the amount of money i will make per click? about 200 would be in the united states and about 18000 in the middle east.
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    How do you have over 200 post and not know this lol.

    Firstly no you will not get the $1.68 thats ridiculous That means that google woudnt get
    any. The truth is that no one knows just how big a percent you make. Its a big secret. Some believe that it is between 10 - 30 percent. Some even think less.

    And you also have to take into account for your impressions as well because that
    also dictates to how much each click is worth to you.

    You might find that you get paid $xx per 1,000 impressions or higher that a number or lower. But be careful not to think that the more impressions the better.

    Also google banning your site im going to assume that you mean from banning from
    adsense and not from the sandbox.

    From my experience this has no effect from blasting links with SB or xrumer. The majority
    of ppl get banned this way by deliberately going against their TOS. Like buying traffic
    or click machines.

    So i dont think it would be easy to get accepted after a ban.

    I use SB on all my site and have pretty decent rankings and Im not banned by adsense.
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    Those averages CPC are across both search and sites, and are only indicative. One would assume the Big G keeps the highest paying ads for its search results page. Allegedly you would get to keep 60ish % of what the advertiser pays for ad clicks on your site.
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    I hope it's ok post here. Is bad idea to place the same adsense code into all my web 2.0 sites and link them to money site? Will I get higher CPC and higher $ per click if I place adsense for example at dating site than at site with recipes?